Cybele Rowe
Concrete and bronze
36 x 48 x 72 in., $25,000
Email if interested in purchasing this work.Learn more about this artwork here.

The MBCAC is looking for a sculpture to be placed in front of Gallery 62 December 2021, exact date to be determined.

•   Artists must be members of the MBCAC. Join here.
•   Artists who have participated in the past are not eligible to apply.

•   Up to five images of the proposed sculpture(s).
•   Description of the work including materials, dimensions and method for installation.
•   Include complete contact information ie: address, phone number, and email address.

•   All sculptures must fit on the existing concrete pad that is 45″ wide x 48″ long and 6″ high
•   Sculptures should be no taller than 9’ in height
•   Sculptures must be constructed of durable materials that are able to withstand harsh conditions including high winds, extreme temperatures and any external force caused by humans.
•   Sculptures must comply with all appropriate engineering requirements for safety and artists are responsible for securely anchoring the sculpture on the concrete pad
• We recommend that the artist procure some form of liability insurance in the event of damage, theft or injury to a third party.

•   Artwork can be sold, but not removed until the one year contract is complete.
•   The MBCAC will withhold a commission of 15 percent if the sculpture is sold during the exhibit.

Please email requested information and questions to Gallery Director Aimee Buyea

For reference the current sculpture “Joshua Tree Wings” by Scott Doten is 9 ft high, 8 ft 4 in wide and 4 ft deep.